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 hello i'm darcy. no last name for now, thanks. i'm australian and i don't really like it here. i want to move to england and live there forever, with all of the beautiful accents and rain and lovely. my dad's side are dutch. both of his parents migrated to australia when they were teenagers. mum's side is english and her father was french. but we've never met him.

i'm bisexual but not everyone knows it. my two brothers do and some girls at school and a few of my close friends but i wouldn't say i'm 'out'. i'm a vegetarian and have been for um, four years? a year of which I was vegan but stopped because i felt like it. i like cheese too much, i'm afraid. i still drink soy milk and have only just started eating eggs again. /not interesting.

i really like television and movies and books and music. they change me and shape who i am in a way that nothing else ever could. i don't really have specific tastes in any of them, though i don't like trashy shows. other than gossip girl.

i play the sims 2 a lot. i don't know what i'll use this lj for other than my legacy chapters and pic spams. i may post personal stuff, but we'll see. my tumblr is sleepmydeer and my sims one is chinasmile. add me on aim if you like, it's called foxandowi -- that's not a typo.

i'm a ravenclaw, but i'll identify as slytherclaw when possible, as it's more accurate!
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